Language Services

Having problems communicating with your non-English speaking clients, customers, or patients? South Star Translations offers a variety of services that will help you bridge the language gap.

On-site interpretation allows you to communicate face to face with your client/customer/patient making them feel more at ease. Our interpreter may render the interpretation either as simultaneous (as you speak) or consecutive (after you speak). Our interpreter can assist you in choosing a form of interpretation appropriate for your needs.

We offer over the phone interpretations for clients that do not require on-site interpretation. Interpretations may be scheduled from anywhere to anywhere at any time convenient to you. Telephonic interpretation can be performed through a three-way line or a speakerphone when in conference.

Documents or portfolios may be submitted in either a hard copy, through email or through a website link. Translation can be returned electronically, or in a hard copy format and the turn-around time can be decided upon request of translation.

Written material may be verbally translated by telephone or on site. This is done when you have in your hands a brief document that needs to be translated into the other language immediately, you may fax it and it can be translated verbally by phone, or you may hand it to the interpreter, while interpreting on-site, and they can read-translate verbally into the other language.

Taped interviews, statements and any other situations can be converted to a written format. If needed, translation can be rendered also.

South Star is available to educate and train your employees and representatives on the terminology needed to communicate with your clients/customer/ patients in your line of business.

South Star offers consulting services for businesses targeting the non-English speaker. Make use of our 10 years of experience to ensure the success of your project.


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