SouthStar Translation & Interpretation will help your organization target the Hispanic public by helping bridge the language gap through interpretation or translation between your representative and your client/customer/patient in:

  • Legal matters
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial
    ...and any other field where needed.

On - Site Interpretation
Telephonic Interpretation
Written Document Translation
Tape Transcription and/or Translation
Conventions, Seminars or workshops

Presentation of seminars or workshops on cultural sensitivity or work-related terms for your employees.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. We hold an Arizona State Business License and are insured by Social Service Contractors Indemnity Pool (SSCIP). We have been assisting our clients, in all fields of business, since 1997.

South Star Translation & Interpretation can be an asset to your company by facilitating communication between you and the non-English speaker. For more information, please call or email.


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