About the Company

SouthStar Translation & Interpretation has been a link between languages since 1997. We hold contracts with legal and educational institutions, as well as serving individuals, financial, healthcare and insurance companies with interpretation and translation.

SouthStar Translation & Interpretation is privately owned and based in Tucson, Arizona. The seed for these services was planted in our hearts several years ago, and it is with the utmost integrity, pride and enthusiasm that we have been serving those in need of reaching the non-English speaker.

You will find our services of translation and interpretation highly professional, ethical, confidential, and timely. Experienced native-speaking interpreters who have lived in both cultures provide our services. Our highly qualified interpreters are sensitive to the nuances of cultures, enabling them to facilitate communication by understanding perfectly the meaning of what is being said. You will find us thoroughly reliable and knowledgeable in modern terminology in all fields.

Workshops are offered to facilitate initial communication between your representatives and the limited or non-English speaker. These workshops emphasize everyday terminology useful in your field, along with oral presentation and written materials. You decide the day and the time, and we will present a workshop at your place of business.

Our aim is to be an asset to your business, bridging the language gap and enhancing the services offered to your clients/customers/patients. Our services will help you reach and better serve more people. Allow SouthStar Translation & Interpretation to assist you in eliminating the language barrier between you and those you serve.

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